Old Postcards From the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Postcard

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny nation in Western Europe nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France. While consisting of less than a thousand square miles, it is home to over half a million citizens and boasts gorgeous scenery and a rich history, much of which has been captured in real photo postcards dating to as early as 1896. This site will focus on images with origination between those earliest postcards and those produced no later than 1920.

If you find, or own, a collection of postcards that include early images from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, please consider submitting photos of them to be included in this website. If you're interested in selling your collection, and you live in the USA, please contact us via our sister website NW Postcards. We purchase real photo postcard collections with subjects ranging from early European photography to small town american life.