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La Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise

(also called The Mullerthal)

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Luxembourg area

German area


Map Petite Suisse (Map Petite Suisse, ed. Société de Tourisme Echternach, published +/- 1939)

La Petite Suisse Luxembourgoise includes a lot of towns and villages such as Echternach, Beaufort, Berdorf, Bollendorf, Consdorf, Dillingen, Grundhof, Kalkesbach, Mullerthal,  Steinheim, Weilerbach etc. The towns and villages themselves have their own place on this website, but in this specific section you will find all the photos from the magnificient nature that La Petite Suisse has to offer.

Although you can find the word ‘Luxembourg’ in it, it also includes a big part behind the German border with little villages such as Echternacherbruck, Bollendorf, Minden, Ferschweiler, Weilerbach, Prumsurlay, Prumerburg etc. In Germany they prefer to call it ’Sud-Eifel’ or 'Ferschweiler Plateau' but on the old postcards the name ‘La Petite Suisse’ / 'Kleine Luxemburger Schweiz' was used for both sides. The Sure forms the borderline between the two countries.

As a real admirer of this environment I did (and still do) all those beautiful walks in the woods maybe more than a hundred times. I can strongly recommend them to everyone who visits ‘La petite Suisse’ for the first time. It’s an amazing collection of rock-formations, small rivers and panoramic views. They are all marked very well with letter-signs and/or numbers. A very interesting map with the complete area on it can be bought in several shops in Echternach.